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Lumbini, the place where Lord Buddha was born, it has been a popular destination for Buddhist pilgrims along side visitors from many parts of the world, which has become a symbol of peace and understanding for the world community. Lumbini like Buddha stands peacefully and calm, away from the crowds of the cities, on the southern plains of the country, surrounded by forests. Buddha was believed to be born in Lumbini as Prince Sidhartha, when his mother Queen Mahamaya of Kapilbastu stopped to rest on her way to her parent's palace in a neighboring country some 2,600 years ago. People here also believe that she chose the place because of its peaceful setting. Although there are no cities or heavy population nearby, there are plans to develop the area, with gardens, trees, canal, accommodation facilities and even a library. Adequate lodging is available to the visitor and pilgrims, including a luxury hotel made by the Japanese.

Getting there
Visitors can take a flight to Bhairawa and take a bus or rent a jeep or a three-wheeler to the area. In addition, there are regular bus services linking Bhairawa and Kathmandu.

Ashoka Pillar
Believed to be put up by Emperor Ashoka in 250 BC, the pillar is six meters high of which half lies under ground. Ashoka was a great believer of Lord Buddha and exempted the area from all taxes.

Maya Devi Temple
Only recently archeologist have found a commemorative stone atop a platform of seven layers of bricks five meters below where the temple once stood, that was demolished to make way for the dig in 1993. Buddhist scripts say Ashoka placed a stone on top of the bricks on the birth place of Lord Buddha.

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