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Kathmandu is the arrival point for most of the visitors in Nepal. This small mountain sheltered valley is the historic center and the Capital of Nepal. This is the place where kingdoms rose and fell, palaces and temples are built and rebuilt, art and cultures are refined and protected. Kathmandu city is the largest in Nepal and is surrounded by green hills all over. Scattered around the valley are hundreds of temples and shrines, traditional villages and agriculture scenes of timeless beauty. You can see all these places by taxi, cycle, bus and by foot.

The Newars are regarded as the original inhabitants of this majestic valley, but their origins are shrouded in mystery. They speak Newari language and their physical features range from distinctively Mongoloid. Kathmandu Valley has long been a cultural and racial melting pot with people coming from both east and west. This fusion has resulted in the unique Newari culture that is responsible for the valley's superb art and architecture. Kathmandu was once run and ruled by Malla Kings during 1600s and 1700s. The unification of Nepal in 1768 by Gorkhas King Prithivi Narayan Shah singled the end of the Kathmandu Valleys fragmentation. Nepali language spoken by the Khas of western Nepal, replaced Newari as the country's language of administration.

Surrounded by the green hills, Kathmandu Valley is about 25 km from east to west and 20km from north to south. It lies at the height of 1300m. You can see Kathmandu Valley clearly while you are fly in. This valley is specially known for growing rice corn, wheat and vegetables. However, nowadays this valley is increasingly dependent on imported food and fuels. All the rivers drain towards the center of the valley and join the Bagmati river. Geologist have confirmed ancient myths that claim the valley once lay under water.

The Kathmandu Valley has the pleasant climate most of the year. Although there are forests, snow is unheard of and the monsoons are nowhere near. Between October and March it can become quite cold at night and the days become short, although its sunny and warm between mid-morning and afternoon. In April things start to heat up and there are often storm in the afternoon.

Still today, Newars form the largest single group in the valley as well as in smaller towns and villages. Bahuns, Tamangs and Chettris live on the surrounding hills. People living in Kathmandu Valley are mostly Hindus and Buddhist and they are very much related to each others religion. People living here speak Newari and Nepali mostly.

In Kathmandu Valley majority of people are Hindu and fall under a caste system, although there are still second majority of Buddhists. This valley is full of temples, shrines and stupas where both Buddhists and Hindus go for their regular praying. Nepal is the only country where people worship Gods of all religion.

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