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Tibetan Camp

Jawalakhel Handicraft Center, the pioneer Tibetan Carpet industry in Nepal popularly known as Tibetan refugee camp was set up in 1960 under the initiative of International Red Cross and Swiss Development Corporation (S.D.C.) then know as Swiss Aid for Technical Assistance (S.A.T.A.) in co-operation with His Majesty's Government of Nepal. Its main objective is to help the Tibetan refugee to do something nice and support themselves.

This factory established with a very limited resources in 1960 has made a tremendous progress fully run by the most active Tibetan community in Nepal has been providing jobs to hundreds of Tibetan refugee families. The only way to get rid of poverty is to work hard indeed. So work is the first worship we always honor. We have worked hard enough to make our fellow Tibetans economically self-reliant. We are still doing our level best to help the needy and poor of our community. As a matter of fact it took more than three decades for us to bring this industry into the present stage.

This factory begun with six little shades for few carpet weavers to work has now a huge weaving hall where hundreds of weavers can sit and weave carpets in a very comfortable manner.

We are very proud to say that our factory has never used the child labor. It has rather used the major portion of its earning for the various community development services such as the medical care of the aged and handicapped people, food and shelter for the poor and needy, education for the workers' children and so on.

We are also very proud to say that this factory has played a very important role in developing the traditional skill of weaving beautiful carpets and spread it almost all over Nepal. We use only the best quality Tibetan sheep wool for weaving the choice carpets of your taste. We take order for manufacturing carpets of any size and shape in any shade you like. However we have set up a tradition to export only the best we produce.

As a matter of fact many legends out of our best finished carpets. This is what has made Jawalakhel Center a big name in the history of Carpet Industry of Nepal. We are highly reputed world-wide exporter and wholesaler most confidently growing with your trust. Please note we never forget that our reputation is the other Side of your trust.

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