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Patan is separated form Kathmandu only by the Bagmati River and is the second largest town in the valley. It is also known as Lalitpur, which means city of beauty. Patan has a long Buddhist history and have stupas at four corners. Like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square is also packed with temples. Most of these temples are built during the Malla kings period.

Durbar Square
As in Kathmandu, Patan also has a old royal palace built during the Malla kings period. Most of the temples here are built in Newari architecture. The rectangular square has an axis from north, south, east and west to the Royal Palace.

Temples and Palaces in Patan
Bhimsen Temple : Temple dedicated to the god of trade and business
Manga Hiti : Wonderfully carved stone crocodile headed waterspouts
Vishwanath Temple : Temple built in 1627 has two large stone elephant guarding
Krishna Mandir : Well renowned stone temple of Lord Krishna
Jagannarayan Temple : Temple is dedicated to one of Vishnus incarnations
Hari Shankar Temple : The half Vishnu half Shiva deity
Bhai Dega Temple : Temple dedicated to Shiva

Royal Palace
The Royal Palace is located in the heart of Patan, Mangal Bazaar. Parts of the Royal Palace was built in the 14th Century and main construction was done during 17th & 18th Century by Malla kings.

Mul Chwok & Taleju Temple
This is one of the largest courtyard among the three main chowks. Bidya Temple stands at the centre of the courtyard and three Taleju temples stand around the courtyard.

Sundari Chowk & Tusha Hiti
South of the Mul Chowk is the Sundari Chowk with its sunken tank known as Tusha Hiti Mul Chwok & Taleju Temple. This is one of the largest courtyard among the three main chowks. Bidya Temple stands at the centre of the courtyard and three Taleju temples stand around the courtyard.

Mani Keshar Chowk
This is the northern courtyard to be entered through golden gate. The golden gate is gilded with Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and Kumar. This is the newest part of the palace. Above the golden door is a golden window from there king would make public appearances.

Golden Temple
This temple is known as Kwa Bahal among Newari people and Hiranya Verna Mahavihar among the others. This unique Buddhist monastery is well known as Golden Temple. This monastery was found in the 12th century and recorded its existence in 1409. The simple entrance gives no hint of the magnificent structure in the courtyard within.

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